Somalia Research Interest Group

Mission Statement & Objectives

Mission statement

To act as a forum to build the research evidence base for public health activities in Somalia and strengthen research capacity within Somalia

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1.     Facilitate introductions for new research collaborations between national and international members on common areas of interest

2.     Identify and assist in promoting, opportunities for dissemination and uptake of research findings within Somalia and/or internationally

3.     Facilitate collaboration on joint funding applications

4.     Showcase ongoing research of members

5.     Facilitate the sharing of common datasets


6.     Advocate for greater resourcing for public health research in Somalia 


1.     Organize quarterly networking/update meeting of members

2.     Maintain up-to-date mailing list of members

3.     Regularly brief members on relevant calls for papers, funding opportunities, training opportunities, evaluation opportunities etc.

4.     Facilitate protocol reviews for planned studies as requested

5.     Facilitate local ethical approval for planned studies

6.     Facilitate engagement with relevant Somali stakeholders to introduce research ideas, assist in interpretation and dissemination of study results and promote uptake of findings


7.     Facilitate reviews of draft research findings with a view to ensure clarity, contextualisation and interpretation of findings and assist in developing context appropriate actionable and evidence-based recommendations